Finals Focus - Juniors

With just 2 rounds left, we can look at what each of the Junior Teams need to do to make the upcoming Finals. 6 out of our 8 Junior Teams are in contention after Round 9. Round 10 will be played as a normal 2 day game, with the Final round being a 20/20 match.

Under 17/1

Berwick Springs 48
Berwick 48
Dandenong West 42
Buckley Ridges 42

Coach's Report for Season 2016/17

Firstly a big thank-you to Grant Hillman for giving me the opportunity to coach the Berwick Springs Cricket Club. Season 2016-17 from a coaching perspective was successful without winning flags. Success can be seen in many ways, from my point of view we were able to play in finals with 5 of our 7 senior teams and all three of our U17 teams. Many clubs that we compete against would be enviable of our season.

Local Man Crashes Junior Presentation Night

A local from the nearby under privileged community was seen sneaking into the Junior Presentation Night (impersonating an assistant coach) and swiping uneaten pies straight off the tables. He was possibly collecting them to take back to his accommodation facility.

Later on, he was pictured with our Under 13 Flag draped over his shoulders and by all reports he was enjoying himself just a little too much.

Dean Mason can be seen in the background calling for back-up to remove him, but he escaped with 32 meat pies in hand.

Under 17-1 2016/17 Premiers

Berwick Springs Under 17/1 - 2016/17 Premiers

The Under 17/1 team has taken out the club's first ever Under 17 Premiership by defeating arch rival Buckley Ridges in convincing fashion.

Berwick Springs 5/115 Matt Butera 35, Thiranja Karunarathna 29 def. Buckley Ridges 114 Soham Waingade 3/8, Nick Brooks 3/27, Mitch Mason 2/20, Riven Rajapaksa 2/23, Riley Hillman 4 catches.

The Premiership Team:

Under 13-1 Premiers 2016/17

Berwick Springs Under 13/1 - 2016/17 Premiers

The Under 13-1 team capped off a terrific season by taking out the 2016/17 Premiership.

Berwick Springs 5/92 Caleb Pedro 25 ret. Josh Sawrey 23 n.o, Danidu Karunarathna 14 def. Noble Park 84 Bailey Marinic 3/12, Josh Sawrey 2/4, Lukshan Adihetty 1/1, Bailey Paroissien 1/1, Govind Nandini 1/1, Rhyce Tisdale 1/11.

The triumphant team: